Chants of the Russian Emigres (vol. 7) CD

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Laguage: Church Slavonic

Composer: Various
Performers: Male Choir of the Representation Church of the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery
Conductor: Vladimir Gorbik
Total Time: 58:20


Bless the Lord (Nikolai Tcherepnin)

Blessed Is the Man (Boris Ledkovsky, arr.)

Lord, I Have Cried (Boris Ledkovsky, arr.)

Dogmatikon (Nikolai Tcherepnin)

O Gentle Light (Boris Ledkovsky, arr.)

Prokeimenon, The Lord Is King (Boris Ledkovsky, arr.)

St. Simeon's Prayer (A. Labinsky)

Hymns of Ascent at Matins (Johann von Gardner, arr.)

Matins Prokeimenon (Mikhail Konstantinov, arr.)

Great Doxology (Boris Ledkovsky)

First Antiphon (Nikolai Kedroff Sr.)

Only-Begotten Son (Boris Ledkovsky)

Beatitudes (Boris Ledkovsky)

Trisagion (Johann von Gardner, arr.)

Cherubim Hymn (Boris Ledkovsky, arr.)

Anaphora (Boris Ledkovsky)

It Is Truly Meet (Johann von Gardner, arr.)

Praise the Lord from the Heavens (Boris Ledkovsky)

End of Liturgy (Maxime Kovalevsky and A. Zhavoronkov, arr.)