Talk 02: The Truth About Death and Dying

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Set of 2 Audio CD's

(Duration: 2hrs 30mins)

The Church’s teachings regarding death and the afterlife are something everyone should know. Simple observation, however, demonstrates that most people, including Orthodox Christians, are not familiar with these essential truths. Since we will all face death, the question naturally arises: why is there such ignorance, neglect and fear in a matter concerning the eternal salvation of our souls? God desires that all come to the knowledge of the truth and thereby attain salvation. The desire of the demons, however, is to keep us ignorant in order to prevent our salvation, for our salvation is hateful and agonizing to them.

In this talk, Father Kosmas uses many excellent examples to explain the teachings of the Orthodox Church on the topic of death and dying. After listening to this talk, one will understand that the Church offers blessed eternal life to the souls who have reposed in the hope of God’s mercy and love.

Questions discussed include: should Christians fear death? Is all contact with the spiritual world evil? Can the reposed make contact with the living? Can good deeds help us after death? Why do some people die a violent death? Why don’t some bodies decompose? Can the Church release sinners from hell? What are the toll-houses? How can helping the dead help us?

Other points included in this talk are: ecumenism beyond the grave; the difference between natural, divine, and demonic apparitions and dreams; the importance of our Guardian Angel before and after death; unconfessed sins after death; the importance of commemorating the dead; the pain of the soul at the hour of death; the Church’s prayers before and after the departure of the soul; the appearance of demons at the time of death; and reciting the Creed at the time of death.