Talk 09: The Sexual Revolution: Are We Better Off?

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Set of 2 Audio CD's

(Duration: 1hr 46mins) 

Sexual immorality has been a problem for thousands of years, which is why God, in both the Old and New Testaments, has clearly set forth His commandments on sexual relations. Despite this, through weakness and ignorance many Orthodox Christians easily fall into sexual sins, causing much damage to their souls. Knowing this, the Holy Orthodox Church has also shown us through the lives and writings of the saints how to defend and struggle against sexual passion. This applies not only to monastics and those who are single, but also to married people facing the temptations of adultery and unnatural sins.

In this talk, Father Kosmas refers to the life of Saint Justina (October 2), pointing out that despite her active spiritual life she was attacked by fierce sexual desire for a non-Christian man in whom she was not even initially interested. Father Kosmas discusses how to struggle against sexual passion and how sexual immorality has affected society. Although this talk is not a history of the sexual revolution it addresses many of this revolution’s effects on society and the Church.

The following questions are also discussed: should homosexuality be regarded as the worst possible sin? Can sorcery forcibly cause sexual attraction? “The kingdom of heaven suffers violence”—what does this Gospel passage really mean? Is consulting a magician actually a denial of Christ? Can magic affect a struggling Orthodox Christian who confesses and communes often? Do sexual temptations sometimes intensify when one struggles against them? Can there be forgiveness of sins without confession?

Other points covered in this talk include: how many people are turning to psychics to find love; how parents mistakenly value education above their children’s purity; childhood trauma and its effects in adulthood; the early sexualization of children; how children are being brainwashed in the schools and by the media; how television distorts our thinking, often causing relationship problems later in life; and how parents need to protect their children from sexual immorality.