Talk 17: Counsels of Elder Paisios of Mount Athos

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Set of 3 Audio CD's

(Duration: 2hrs 49mins) 

Elder Paisios was a simple monk who lived on Mount Athos in Greece. Leading a holy life, he became filled with the wisdom of God, and was able during his lifetime to bring great benefit to countless people with his counsels, which have since been translated into many languages. As with the elders of old, people would flock to Mount Athos from all over the world to visit the elder and receive his advice.

In this talk, Father Kosmas examines a variety of Elder Paisios’ counsels. He emphasises that the elder’s counsels are particularly valuable to us because the elder was our contemporary (reposing in 1994), and hence was acquainted with many of the problems and sources of spiritual confusion that we face today.

The following questions are also discussed: does God ever refuse to forgive us? Is the evil eye fact or superstition? Is zeal to convert others always a good thing? How can priests help those who are under the influence of cults and gurus? Is there such a thing as a “white lie”? Can saying the Jesus Prayer ever be spiritually damaging? Is there any benefit to the family when a young child dies? Do the sins of parents affect their children? Does brainwashing exist in the Church?

Other points covered in this talk include: the need for priests to speak out on the occult and sorcery; feminists and abortion; the need for discernment when dealing with dreams, apparitions and demonic influence; the increasing disrespect of children for their parents; how Orthodox Christians should view The Da Vinci Code; children with physical or mental disabilities; the importance of having Orthodox Christian doctors and psychiatrists; and the spiritual benefit of the world’s economic crisis.