Talk 33: And No Wonder, for Even Satan Disguises Himself as an Angel of Light

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Set of 3 Audio CD's

(Duration: 3hrs 13mins) 

We live in a time where demonic delusion is at its peak. These delusions come in the form of thoughts, feelings, dreams and visions. The Holy Apostles and Fathers of the Orthodox Church provide insight into these delusions. Saint Paul in particular warns against the “angel of light,” referring not only to false visions of angels, but to anything the demons present as good or spiritual.

Using examples from the lives of saints, Father Kosmas explains how the saints exposed the tricks that the devil and his demons use to delude not only monastics, but all Orthodox Christians, and how those deluded are the self-confident, the vainglorious and the proud. He also points out that it is not enough merely to read the lives of the saints and the teachings of the Holy Fathers: it is absolutely necessary that we acquire discernment by living those teachings.

The following questions are also discussed: do parish priests deserve criticism for avoiding the topic of demonic deception? What happened to an archimandrite who denied the existence of demons? Why was Rasputin viewed by some as a man of God, but by others as a deceiver? Does involvement in the occult leave a person scarred and vulnerable to the demons even after repentance? What is meant by a balanced spiritual diet? Why do the evil spirits continually suggest negative thoughts about one’s spiritual father? Why is it essential to find a spiritual father who not only hears confessions but also continually prays for his spiritual children?

Other points covered in this talk include: the recent example of a deceived ascetic who saw visions and dreams; how the demons use our imagination to delude us; a man who supposedly healed the possessed with the Koran; an elder’s fierce struggle to free a deceived deacon from a false angel of light, who would continually speak and pray with him; an account of a possessed young girl who later became a nun without being healed; how some become proud of being attacked by evil spirits; and an account of an Athonite priestmonk who as a worldly young man became involved in magic.