Talk 42: Type 2 Deception: Striving for Exalted Spiritual Feelings

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Set of 3 Audio CD's

(Duration: 3hrs 47mins) 

This talk is a continuation of Talk 41. We live in times of weak faith and a general lack of spirituality. One of the reasons for this is that experienced spiritual guides are very few. This gives rise to a major problem with respect to the inner spiritual life, namely, difficulty in knowing whether our spiritual feelings and experiences are real. These feelings include: joy, peace, warmth, sweetness, love, calmness, zeal, boldness, power, consolation and tears. Obviously, Orthodox Christians of today need to know the difference between false and true spirituality.

In this talk, Father Kosmas explains the absolute necessity of seeking guidance from the writings of those Holy Fathers who have lived in recent times. Also, when possible, one should seek guidance from discerning spiritual fathers living in our times. All these spiritual guides emphasize the importance of understanding that spiritual life in the last times requires a somewhat different approach and attitude from that taught by the ancient fathers.

The following questions are also discussed: why did one elder slap a novice? Why would demons encourage Christians to aim for virtues? Can audio-visual technology have an adverse effect on one’s spiritual life? Is there anything wrong with Facebook? Can seeking love for God prematurely be dangerous? What are the true signs of spiritual progress?

Other points covered in this talk include: spiritual suicide; the spiritual tantrums of spoilt Christians; the Holy Fathers’ prophecies regarding monastics of the last times; why Christians of today need spiritual sunglasses; soul-saving advice on how to approach the writings of the Holy Fathers; the delusion of laypeople who seek to live as monastics; a young man’s strange absence of any passions; and how a quiet young woman was mistaken for a saint.