LOS28 The Holy Ancestors of God, Joachim & Anna

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Paperback: 64 pages

Includes the Lives of:

The Holy Ancestors of God, Joachim & Anna: These righteous Old Testament saints, after a lifetime of childlessness, were deemed worthy to become the parents of the Most Holy Mother of God. Their perseverance and faith in the power of God worked the great miracle of holy Anna conceiving a child at an old age, after fifty years of barrenness.  They are called upon in prayer by the faithful to protect their marriages. Saint Anna is especially known to help barren women, and those about to give birth.

Holy Martyr Laurence the Archdeacon was roasted in a fire for his faith.  He is invoked to heal various ailments, including those of the back, shoulders and kidneys.

Saint Philaret the Almsgiver who was despised by his wife and children for giving away all they had to the poor. 

Saint Tamara the pious and manly-minded Queen of Georgia converted whole Moslem tribes to Orthodoxy by her example.

New Martyr Ahmet the Calligrapher was a former Moslem who changed to the Orthodox Faith through his pious Russian slave.