The Divine and Holy Liturgy of St Gregory the Dialogist (Ludwell Translation)

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Translated by: Philip Ludwell

Format: Spiralbound

Pages: 68

In 1760 Colonel Philip Ludwell of Green Spring Plantation, Virginia, began a handwritten book that included a translation from Greek of one of the three principal liturgies of the Orthodox Church. Entitled "The Divine and Holy Liturgy of St Gregory the Dialogist" it is more commonly referred to as "The Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts." At the time he made this translation Ludwell was living in London, England, It is thought he completed the work in June 1761 and that the text may have been used at a celebration of this liturgy following the reception of his three daughters into the Orthodox Church in April 1762.

The text of Ludwell's translation is presented here for contemporary use and enhanced by a brief introduction to it's historical context.