The Great Synaxaristes: Vol. 06 - June

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Edited by: Holy Apostles Convent

Form: Hardcover

Pages: 1,040 pages with 272 icons.

Lives of the Saints translated from the Greek — complete, unabridged, & annotated.

Compilers include Saint Symeon the Metaphrastes, Agapios the Cretan, Nikodemos the Hagiorite, Efthymios Zigabenos, Dositheos of Jerusalem, Church Fathers, and Athonite writers; also cited are Ecclesiastical Histories, together with Neon Paradeison, Neon Thesavron, Neon Eklogion, Neon Martyrologion, and Ephraim.

Each month contains over a hundred accounts of Saints with full-length Lives and biographical notices, or feasts with homilies. Some major figures and days have received as many as one hundred pages. Thousands of additional names are also given with either simple commemorations or brief information.

109 Full-length accounts for June