A Night in the Desert of the Holy Mountain

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Author: Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos
Paperback  216 pages

A night in the desert of the Holy Mountain, discussion with a hermit on the Jesus prayer

The book A night in the desert of the Holy Mountain was Metropolitan Hierotheos’s first book and is still unsurpassed in inspiration and popularity. In the book A night in the desert of the Holy Mountain he distils his own search for teaching on the Jesus Prayer, which took him to many great spiritual Elders. The book takes the form of a discussion between the author and a holy Elder in the desert of the Holy Mountain. It looks at the stages through which the Jesus Prayer unfolds and at its fruits. We are informed of the dangers that may arise in the course of the Jesus Prayer, including the devil’s complex warfare. The supreme importance of obedience to a spiritual father is emphasised. The basic prerequisite for attracting God’s grace and mercy is to remember the name of God with repentance and humility, and to participate in the Mysteries of the Church.

The book shows that Jesus Prayer is the greatest of sciences, encompassing all the theology of the Orthodox Church, and is indispensable for everyone. For decades this compelling book has helped innumerable people.