The Walking Saint: Patriarch Pavle of Serbia

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by Priest Daniel Rogich

Taken from the original sources in Serbian, from the Saint's sermons, letters and writings, as well as from the documents surrounding his life in this past century.

Patriarch Pavle, who by age 6 was orphaned, living in three different homes, and who contracted tuberculosis as a young man, yet eventually became a great ascetic and monastic, then bishop in troubled territory of Kosovo and Metohija. As a Patriarch he lived during one of the most tumultuous periods in the history of the Balkans, through civil war, international intrigue and bombing, assassination attempts, genocide, and led not only a holy life, but was the supreme example of political and more importantly, spiritual peace to a land in desperate need of rejuvenation and renewal.

The author also provides 100 of the most famous spiritual sayings and words of wisdom of Patriarch Pavle of Serbia.