The Holy Gospel According to Saint John: A Pastoral Commentary

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Author: Archbishop Dimitry (Royster) of Dallas

Format: paperback

Pages: 550

"The great strength of this work is precisely that it lays no claim to originality but that it steadfastly seeks to give us access to material that can replenish the faith of Christians today." – Prof. William J. Abraham, from his Foreword

"Scholar, pastor, teacher — all of these aspects of Archbishop Dmitri’s ministry shine forth in this commentary on St John’s Gospel — the final work of his fruitful life. Vladyka Dmitri reminds us again of the centrality of the “Word Made Flesh.” I rejoice that we have such a valuable resource from his hand." – Fr Stephen Freeman author, podcaster, “Glory to God”

"It is fitting, given Archbishop Dmitri’s continual preaching “in season, and out of season” on the reality of the Incarnation, that his final book would be this fine commentary on the Gospel according to St John: “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.”" – Fr Marcus Burch Chancellor, Diocese of the South, OCA