The Euchologion Unveiled: An Explanation of Byzantine Liturgical Practice II

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by Archbishop Job Getcha

paperback: 269 pages

The Euchologion Unveiled describes and explains the sacramental services of the Orthodox Church. The Euchologion is the liturgical book that priests use to serve all the mysteries, or sacraments, of the Church. Archbishop Job “unveils” the history, meaning, and structure of these services, and the Orthodox understanding of the sacraments, through which believers receive grace and become partakers of the divine life.

Along with the seven major sacraments (baptism, chrismation, the Eucharist, confession, marriage, ordination, and unction), several other sacramental rites are also explained here: monastic tonsure, the funeral, the sanctification of chrism, the consecration of a church, and the blessing of water.

This is a companion volume to The Typikon Decoded.