How to Live a Holy Life

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Author: Metropolitan Gregory (Postnikov)

Form: Paperback

Pages: 150

This pocket-sized book, originally published in Russian in 1904, is a short but comprehensive work offering guidance to the Orthodox Christian on how to conduct himself through the course of the day. Following an appeal to the reader, the author describes how one should conduct oneself in the morning, in relation to the Lord God, in common situations of life, in daily work, during meals, during the afternoon rest, in the evening, before sleep, and during sleeplessness. The author concludes with a consideration of prayer and guidance on how to spend Sundays. A biography of the author, Metropolitan Gregory (Postnikov) of St. Petersburg (1784-1860), concludes the work.

Solidly rooted both in Holy Scripture and the Tradition of the Orthodox Church, this short work can serve as a gentle yet uncompromising guide, appropriate for every Christian, for how to live a holy life within the circumstances of our daily lives.