Testament of Memory: A Siberian Life

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Author: Chevalkov, Mikhail

Form: Paperback

Pages: 168

The author, a native Altai tribesman, Father Mikhail Chevalkov, was a man of great moral courage and integrity.  He was one of the first native disciples of the Russian Orthodox missionary priest Makarii (Glukharev), glorified as a saint in 2000 AD. In this simple yet profound narrative, the reader travels with Chevalkov, through his life as we learn of his conversion, his struggle for literacy, the care shown to his family, and his numerous encounters with pagan tribes. Chevalkov created the written Altai language as he translated church service books and religious songs, as well as allegorical poems, parables and maxims. This memoir will enrapture the reader with its directness and beauty whilst also providing invaluable insights for students of Christian mission, ethnography, and geography.