Justinian the Great: The Emperor and Saint

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By Asterios Gerostergios
Paperback: 312 pages

This book is devoted to the Byzantine emperor Justinian the Great (527-565), one of the most important personalities of the sixth century. It is the first work that undertakes to relate the religious policy of that illustrious emperor to his religious beliefs. Written in a clear, concise, and scholarly manner, it deals with the most important aspects of Justinian’s personality, placing him in proper historical perspective. In this book, Justinian emerges as a very capable administrator, a wise legislator and codifier of law, a profound theologian, a remarkable author, a great defender, protector and preserver of the Orthodox Christian faith, an exemplary philanthropist, a strong supporter of monasticism, a builder of many magnificent churches, monasteries and philanthropic institutions, and a saint of the Orthodox Church.