The Orthodox New Testament: Acts, Epistles, and Revelation: Praxapostolos

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Edited by: Holy Apostles Convent

Format: hardcover

Pages: 672

This translations brings together a one-of-a-kind patristic commentary which draws from the whole spectrum of the authority of the Church Fathers for an invaluable resource for devotional reading, Bible study, sermon preparation, and teaching. Explore the Scriptures with hundreds of succinct, reliable, and inspiring commentaries of the Fathers that elaborate on difficult passages, thereby providing a clearer understanding.

Gain a greater understanding of the shades of meaning in the original language with word studies stressing meaningful nuances in the Greek, but often lost in other translations. Even for those who do not know Greek, exegetical material gives critical analysis of key words, that is not overly technical, for both beginners and scholars alike.


At the end of each book of the New Testament, references and informative notes on linguistics, key words, difficult terms and phrases. Extensive explanatory notes packed with information on textual difficulties and theological concepts that enable you to discover the rich truths of the original Greek text.

Instructive Appendix and Bibliography, and detailed listing of Greek codices explained.