Fasting Food: Lenten Recipes from a Greek Kitchen

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by Katie Mantzarides and Anna Veniamin
Paperback: 120 pages

This delightful collection of little-known recipes will inspire nourishing family meals, teatime treats for home and church gatherings, easy and economical potluck dishes and elegant entrees for special occasions.

Katie Mantzarides’ beloved Lenten cookbook, Fastworthy Foods and Desserts, from which these recipes have been carefully selected and translated, has become a classic since it was first published in 1985 in Thessalonica, Greece. Her recipes are simple, wholesome and practical, stemming from the ancient traditions of fasting and hospitality which permeate the culture of the Orthodox peoples of Greece and Asia Minor to this day.

The recipes in this book have been carefully tested in a North American kitchen, they have been adjusted to standard US measures and presented with clarity and precision for ease of use, that the reader may bring to the table fasting foods to nourish the body, with love and joy to nourish the soul.