At the Ringing of the Bells: The Paschal Martyrs of Optina

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Author: Maria Larsen (trans

Format: Paperback

Pages: 344

On Pascha of 1993, three young monks of the famous Optina Hermitage – Hieromonk Vasily, Monk Therapont, and Monk Trophim – were brutally murdered by a satanist. These men lived in our world. They went to public schools and universities. They faced the same kinds of temptations and struggles that modern people face. Yet, their saintly lives show that their martyric death was a special gift to them from the Lord, and that it is possible to dedicate one’s entire life to God and become a saint in the 21st century. Based on a book published by Optina Hermitage, with many excerpts from Hieromonk Vasily’s diary, this book is the most complete account of their lives, miracles and writings available in English.