Sing to Your Soul 2: Our Life in the Church

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By St John Chrysostom
translated by David C. Ford

This delightfully compact volume combines the accessibility of language with frankness of message that has made St. John Chrysostom dear to readers for generations. David Ford's new translation of selected passages from the "golden-mouthed" preacher's prodigious output preserves the immediacy of the original, bursting with enthusiasm for his listener's ear while remaining economical in the medium of communication.

This volume marks the second of the series comprising excerpts from the homilies of St. John related to various aspects of our life in the Church. These include:

    The Church as Christ’s Body
    The Church as the Bride of Christ
    The Church as Our Mother
    The Church as Heaven on Earth
    The Church as the Place of Joy and Rest
    The Power of Prayer in Church
    The New Birth in Baptism
    The Holy Eucharist
    The Church Gives the Lord’s Peace
    The Greatness of the Priesthood