A Small Book of Needs

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Author: Hierodeacon Herman (ed.)

Form: Hardcover

Pages: 241

This revised reprint is an abridged version of the 4-volume Great Book of Needs set, small enough to fit in your pocket. It contains many essential prayers that take place often outside the Church building. This edition includes an easy and readable typeface with two ribbon bookmarks. Services also come with rubrical explanations for the serving priest. The sections of the book are:

  • Part 1: Childbirth
  • Part 2: Prayers for the Sick
  • Part 3: Confession and Repentance
  • Part 4: Prayers at the Time of Death
  • Part 5: The Church Year
  • Part 6: Various Blessings
  • Part 7: Prayers in the Home
  • Part 8: Agriculture and Livestock
  • Part 9: Man and Nature