The Purple Mantle (In the Reign of Diocletian): An Historical Novel

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Author: Kafetzopoulou, Aliki

Form: Paperback

Pages: 192

Set in the Roman Empire during the reign of the notorious persecutor of Christians, Emperor Diocletian,ᅠThe Purple Mantleᅠis a moving story of faith and heroism amidst a society rife with confusion and fear. Author Aliki Kafetzopoulou has skillfully woven a rich historical tapestry full of spiritual depth, presenting a vivid picture of the intense circumstances in which the ancient Christians lived, and a close-up, immediate view of the exploits and contests of the early martyrs, through which the faith of Christ triumphed.

Although written especially for young adults, this historical novel has enthralled people of all ages with its riveting narrative. Carefully tracing the spiritual awakening and growth of a young man and woman, it places in striking relief the ultimate choice faced by all of us - between the ephemeral comforts and grandeur of this world and the eternal joy and glory of the world to come.