Lynette's Hope: The Witness of Lynette Katherine Hoppe's Life and Death

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compiled by Luke Veronis

"Now we have to live whatever we have ever preached to others," Lynette Hoppe wrote in her journal. "I have been classified as having Stage 4 cancer (of four stages), and my prospects are rather grim. Nonetheless, I remain cheerful and hopeful and want to spend what years God grants me in joy and thanksgiving, serving as and wherever I can."With these sober yet hopeful words, Orthodox missionary to Albania Lynette Hoppe began the last journey of her fruitful life. In frank and poignant prose, Lynette's journals, newsletters, and website chronicled her struggles in the "valley of the shadow" as she faced impending death. Close family friend and fellow missionary Fr. Luke Veronis briefly tells the story of Lynette's life, then lets her writing speak for itself, showing how Lynette's radical faith and love for Christ transformed the tragedy of a young mother's untimely death Into a powerful witness to the love and saving power of her Lord.