The Longer Catechism of the Orthodox, Catholic, Eastern Church

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Author: St. Philaret of Moscow

Form: Paperback


Theᅠcatechism, constructed inᅠtheᅠquestion-and-answer format familiar to many in theWest (where indeed it originated), "covers all the bases" as a fundamental statementᅠof theᅠFaith. It cannot,ᅠofᅠcourse, in any way substitute for a living experienceᅠofᅠthe Faith, but isᅠofᅠgreat value as a touchstone against which one's own ideas (or those coming from others) may be measured.

NEW EDITION, text carefully revised, freshly typeset, full-color iconᅠofᅠSt. Philaret onᅠtheᅠcover.