The Church's Identity Established through Images according to Saint John Chrysostom

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by Protopresbyter Gus George Christo

This work establishes Chrysostom's conception of the Church through various human, social and natural images. The unquestionably scriptural nature of Chrysostom's imagery offers a clear perception of the Church's origins, connections with the Old Testament, and its relationship to the Triune God, the Saints and Martyrs of both Covenants, humanity and creation in general. All things are renewed in the unconquerable Church of God. This new creation embodies the apostolic faith in Jesus Christ, the correct manner of worshipping God and interpreting Scripture, and has christological and apostolic roots. Furthermore, the Church's blameless, virtuous, orderly and sacramental character, its oneness, nobility, heavenly setting and way of life, its exclusion of all sin, heresies and the devil, and its positive and saving effects upon people and the cosmos, are all concretely revealed and experienced in the local Church under the oversight of a canonical, orthodox bishop.