Abba Dorotheos of Gaza: His Letters and Sayings

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Author: Abba Dorotheos of Gaza, Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Etna (trans.)

Format: Paperback

Pages: 107

“My study of the desert Fathers, which I began more than fifty years ago, and my immersion into their writings, which I have been translating and publishing for almost four decades in both academic and devotional collections, always bring me back to the pivotal teachings and aphorisms of Abba Dorotheos. The present book is a sequel of sorts to my earlier work, Our Holy Father Dorotheos of Gaza: Various Soul-Profiting Instructions to His Disciples. The spiritual advice that he proffers in both books, which is perhaps more familiar to Orthodox Christians, coming as it does from the roots of our Church’s monastic and mystical traditions, nonetheless promises rich inner nourishment for anyone seeking the secrets and delights of the life in Christ.”
—The Translator