How to Inherit Eternal Life 12: The Resurrection of the Dead

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by Priest Daniel Sysoev

Paperback: 32 pages

The coming resurrection of the dead and the renewal of the universe is not the result of some natural process, but is rather the direct effect of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. From Him proceeds the source of immortal life for all that exists. The kingdom of God is possible on this corruptible earth, and it has already come! This kingdom of God is called the Ecumenical Orthodox Church, the light of which denounces the darkness. The other faiths of the nations are not an indifferent matter, but rather they are darkness, an evil that reigns in the minds of men. The light shone forth from the tomb of Christ, and in its rays it became clear that there is the One True Path and then there are the many false, black roads and pathways of this world. The news of the resurrection is the news of division—a flaming sword that cuts the world asunder.