Prosphoro and Artos - Communion Bread and Blessed Bread

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by Dimitra Stavrou-Michalski, Stavroula Stamatis
Paperback: 96 pages

The prosphoro occupies a very central role in the ecclesiastical life of our Orthodox Church, as it forms in many ways a frame of reference for each one of us: Wheat – a gift of God. The kneading and baking – our own gift. Antidoro – the sharing of blessing and holiness. And above all, the Body of Christ. The artos and artoklasia bring to mind the miracles of Christ and have their roots in the Love Feasts, the common meals of the Faithful during the early Christian years. The priceless opportunity to bake the prosphoro ourselves caused us to enquire a little more into whatever else it might be related to. Exploring the tradition of making prosphoro and artos we wanted to share with others the joy of what we discovered – of the kneading, baking, the stamping, the decorating, about its place in ecclesiastical life, about its place in the Divine Liturgy, about its history –its story– then, now, and forever.