Christ is Fullness of Life

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Author: Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia

Format: paperback

Pages: 123

Saint Porphyrios, "prescient, unassuming, humble, simple and ardent", was filled with an all-consuming love for Christ and for his fellow man, and every aspect of his being witnessed to what he so passionately confessed, namely, that Christ is fullness of life. With his luminous presence, his inspired words and his fervent prayer, he made the grace of life in Christ a reality for those who came to him, as he transmitted to them faith, joy, power and hope. He was wholly devoted to the Church and to Christ and cared for the people of God, those near and those far off, faithful and the disbelievers, Christians and those ignorant of the word of God. And during his life and also after his saintly repose a multitude of people -most of whom had not known him during his earthly life- were benefitted by his saintly presence and experienced his miraculous acts and interventions in their lives.