Church Discounts

For Churches and Retailers


We offer:

a 20% discount on Jordanville Candles, Jordanville Incense, and Monastery Honey;

a 40% discount on Jordanville Legacy Publications;

and a 10% discount on all other products (including books, icons and church supplies).


To receive a wholesale discount on current Holy Trinity Publications, please order from the HTP website.

To receive a wholesale discount on Jordanville Icons, please order from the Icon Studio website.


To set up an organizational account with us, please create an account here. Then, contact us here and tell us a little about yourself. We will then change your account to start receiving a discount.

In the future, when you order, you will see the discount applied when you view your cart.


Important Note: please only use this account for purchases for your church or organization.

For personal purchases, please create a separate account. This will require a separate email to be used.