Why can't I login to my account?

Click here and enter your email address to reestablish you password. If this does not work, please contact us.


Why is my account not getting a church discount?

Personal accounts and church accounts must be separate. If you plan to use your account for personal purchases, please create a separate account for your church by following the instructions here. If you plan to use your account only for organizational purchases, please contact us and we will change your customer group accordingly.


Do you accept candle stubs for store credit?

Yes. However, we only accept candle stubs from candles that we produced. If you mix in candles stubs from other producers, we will not accept them. We give $1.75 per pound of store credit for candle stubs.

When do we ship orders?

In regular business days all orders placed after 9 AM on Monday - Thursday will be shipped next day. Orders placed after 9 AM on Friday, will be shipped  on Monday.