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A Path to the Hidden Rus

A Path to the Hidden Rus

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by Vladimir Basenkov

Hardcover: 106 pages

Who are the Edinovertsy (Orthodox Old Believers)? Why and how in a time of general spiritual slackness do they keep Russian traditions of prayer and everyday life? How can the Orthodox Old Believers help our society today?

From the foreword by His Grace John, Bishop of Caracas and South America, overseer of the Old Rite of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia:

To date, very little has been published about the Old-Ritualist movement within the Orthodox Church as opposed to those various streams of Old-Ritualism which are active outside the fold of the Orthodox Church. In the English language, literature on any aspect of this subject is almost nonexistent. Thus one can only welcome this ground-breaking book, not only in its original Russian, but especially in this, its English translation, and express the hope that it is but the harbinger of works yet to come. It is our sincere hope that such literature will serve to acquaint readers with some of the richness of diversity to be found within the Orthodox tradition, and, further, bring awareness to the Orthodox readers who worship according to the New Rite, of the life of their brethren who keep the old practices, as well as inform the Old-Ritualists who choose to live separately from the Orthodox Church, of those who strive to be faithful not just to the ancient traditions but also to the Catholicity of the one Orthodox Church. May God bless abundantly the author, translator, and all who worked to bring this book into the world, and also all who in the future continue this work.

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