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Talk 47: The Aerial Toll-houses: Myth or Reality?

Talk 47: The Aerial Toll-houses: Myth or Reality?

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Set of 3 Audio CD's

(Duration: 4hrs)

This talk is a continuation of Talk 46. There is considerable opposition to the teaching of the toll-houses. This opposition has been increasing over the last 150 years, and has long been recognized as one of the signs of ecclesiastical “modernism.” These modernists make a number of accusations against the toll-houses, including that they are not real, but rather are myths and fables, that they are fearful, that they are based on demonic visions, that they are a Western influence, and that because they are not dogma they should not be believed.

In this talk, Father Kosmas outlines and discusses the many accusations made by a number of Orthodox clergymen and theologians against this soul-saving teaching of the toll-houses. To refute these accusations, he uses numerous examples from the following four sources: a. The Lives of the Saints; b. The Divine Services of the Orthodox Church; c. The Writings of the Holy Fathers; and d. The Holy Scriptures. After listening to this talk there will be no doubt that this teaching is indeed Orthodox, because for the entire history of the Church it has been “believed everywhere, always, and by all” (Saint Vincent of Lerins).

The following questions are also discussed: should the Church use fear tactics similar to those used in the world? Are all visions regarding life after death true? Why did one saint excommunicate zealot monks? Do clergymen and theologians who deny the teaching of the toll-houses become a reason for the loss of many souls?

Other points covered in this talk include: how two non-Orthodox theologians put many Orthodox bishops to shame; spiritual schizophrenia in the Church today; how some zealots also oppose the teaching of the toll-houses; the Catholic Church’s attitude towards supernatural references in the ancient lives of the saints; and how Church controversies can be immensely beneficial.

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