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Talk 71: On the Upbringing of Children According to Saints Paisios and Porphyrios - Part 2

Talk 71: On the Upbringing of Children According to Saints Paisios and Porphyrios - Part 2

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Set of 3 Audio CD's

(Duration: 3hrs 47mins)

Psychologists and doctors believe that the causes of mental and physical illnesses can be divided into three categories: 1. genetic factors (heredity); 2. prenatal factors (adverse events during pregnancy); 3. environmental factors after birth, including upbringing. The Orthodox Church has always known this but adds something even more important: the spiritual state of the parents before, during and after pregnancy and the child’s spiritual development. The Church has always emphasized the importance of giving children plenty of love, affection, guidance and attention to ensure their bodily, mental and spiritual health.

In this talk Father Kosmas uses the teachings of the contemporary elders Saints Paisios and Porphyrios to explain how important it is for children to feel love, acceptance, and affection from their parents. In this way they develop strength of character and grow strong in body, mind and soul.

The following questions are also discussed: why do some children of religious parents turn out well while others rebel? Why do children brought up in the same family turn out so differently? Why did St Porphyrios emphasize the importance of love, harmony and understanding between parents for the successful upbringing of children? Is there any hope for people whose parents made many mistakes during their upbringing? What should parents do upon realizing that they made serious mistakes in the upbringing of their children? Is there a link between minimal breastfeeding and anxiety and addiction?

Other points covered in this talk include: how a number of people are afraid to marry and have children because of the world’s many problems; a mother’s realization of how her marital problems during pregnancy affected her child’s psychological and emotional state; how breastfed children are less likely to develop ADHD and more likely to succeed in life; and the necessity of forming an emotional bond with one’s children in order to have a healthy relationship with them that lasts into adulthood.

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