The Blessed Surgeon: The Life of Saint Luke Archbishop of Simferopol

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Author: Marushchak, Archdeacon Vasily

Form: Paperback

Pages: 191

The long-anticipated second edition of The Blessed Surgeon: The Life of Saint Luke, Archbishop of Simferopol has arrived from the printer. Divine Ascent Press published the first edition back in 2001. This inspiring biography of a bishop and surgeon during the darkest years of Soviet oppression in Russia has been the most widely read and appreciated publication of Divine Ascent Press to date. St. Luke endured unthinkable tortures at the hands of the atheistic state due to his outspoken confession of Christ, but his pioneering work as a surgeon gave the lie to his persecutors' separation of faith and science. The second edition is revised and expanded to include a service and an akathist hymn in honor of St. Luke.