The Serbian People as a Servant of God

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by Saint Nikolai (Velimirovich)
Paperback: 92 pages

This book chronicles the 800 year history of the Serbian people from Nemanja and St. Sava up to the Second World War. More than a dry compilation of names and dates, Serbian People as a Servant of God was written to remind the Serbian people of their calling and destiny to serve Christ.

The Serbian People as a Servant of God is more than a mere history. It is not a dry and dusty compilation of names, dates, events, and geography. It was written to remind our Serbian people of their calling, their destiny, their meaning; for ‘the basic, continuous course of Serbian history for the last 800 years can be expressed in the words SERVICE TO CHRIST’. As Bishop Nikolai so clearly hammers home again and again, the only thing that saved the Serbian people was their faith in Christ and their service to Christ. Unless the Serbian people remain ‘a theodule—a servant of Christ God,’ they are doomed.”