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Talk 35: Seeking Signs and Miracles: Beneficial or Harmful?

Talk 35: Seeking Signs and Miracles: Beneficial or Harmful?

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Set of 3 Audio CD's

(Duration: 3hrs 22mins)

We live in a time of growing interest in supernatural phenomena, as is evident from the numerous films, television programs and publications being produced on this topic. Even many Christians strongly desire to see or experience signs and miracles, either out of curiosity or to confirm their faith in God and the Church. But is seeking miracles truly beneficial?

In this talk, Father Kosmas uses the Fathers’ interpretations of the Holy Bible to explain why, even after seeing Christ humbly perform many miracles and healings that helped people, the Jews still demanded of Him visually spectacular signs from the heavens, meaning the air and sky. Father Kosmas likewise describes why modern Christians fall into this same trap, and how the faithful can recognize and guard against the demonic “miracles” encountered today.

The following questions are also discussed: what is the difference between earthly miracles and miracles from heaven? Why do many people seek signs and miracles rather than the salvation of their souls? What is carnal-mindedness, and how does it make one vulnerable to diabolical deception? Why did Christ sigh when asked to perform a sign? How does the television assist false prophets and false christs? What will be the Antichrist’s greatest miracle? Why are the new mega-churches attracting more followers than more traditional churches? What is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and how can we avoid falling into it?

Other points covered in this talk include: how a distorted understanding of signs and miracles can deprive one of salvation; how we protect ourselves from false prophets and false christs; the difference between working miracles out of love and compassion and working them out of vainglory; a young girl’s frightful experience after attempting to communicate with spirits; an account of one man’s wilful rejection of the Holy Spirit; the danger of seeking signs and miracles as a form of entertainment; and how many people today are unknowingly being prepared to accept the Antichrist.

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