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The Byzantine Saint

The Byzantine Saint

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Author: Sergei Hackel (ed.)

Format: Paperback

Pages: 245

The Byzantine Saint is one of the most important contributions to the field of Byzantine hagiography in recent years. St Vladimir's Seminary Press is please to present the collection, based on papers presented by a preeminent group of scholars at a Byzantine studies conference at the University of Birmingham.

Contributors: Henry Chadwick, Susan Ashbrook Harvey, Lennant Ryd?n, Robert Browning, E.D. Hunt, Nicholas Gendle, Vera Likhacheva, Han J.W. Drijvers, Speros Vryonis Jr., Anna Crabbe, Rosemary Morris, Evelyne Patlagean, Paul Magdalino, Ruth Macrides, Flor van Ommeslaeghe, Michel van Esbroeck, Joseph A. Munitiz, David Buckton, Zaga A. Gavrilovi.

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