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The Departure of the Soul: Reader's Edition

The Departure of the Soul: Reader's Edition

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published by St. Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery Press
Paperback: 268 pages

Abriged Edition

Death must find us ready. The saints will help us to be prepared.

What happens to our soul at the hour of its departure from this world? What is waiting for us in the next life? Are we ready for the final journey to the meeting with God?

The most certain thing in life is death. And yet so few have sure knowledge of what happens at that hour, the most critical hour of our existence. The reader's edition of The Departure of the Soul includes the most vivid and gripping accounts from the comprehensive 1,112-page master reference edition—accounts of the departure of the soul as revealed by God to His saints. They experienced the mystery, they saw the departure, and they returned from that awesome spectacle to teach us how to be prepared.

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