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A Window to the Russian Soul: Ancient Folk Wisdom for Modern Life

A Window to the Russian Soul: Ancient Folk Wisdom for Modern Life

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by Nicholas Kotar
134 pages

We live in a strange time. Perpetually distracted and increasingly over-medicated, we still think we are the most progressive people in history. But scratch the surface, and you’ll see that our world is like a house built on sand.

We put much of our faith in science, even as more and more of the truths we equate with “scientific fact” come under scrutiny. The lack of repeatability of many experiments is a modern science’s dirty little secret. And much of what can be verified, it turns out, often merely confirms what history, literature, and religion have already taught us.

And so, many people are turning to the past for comforting wisdom to inform the future.

This book is an exploration of the rich folk culture of Russia’s past. From songs of lamentation at funerals to the rules for naming a prince, you’ll find a fascinating glimpse into a world that is alien on the surface, but familiar at its heart. Reading it in light of modern life, you can’t help but be astounded at how much wisdom the Russian folk gathered through centuries and millennia of passed time and experience.

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