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Akathist to St. John Archbishop of Shangai and San Francisco

Akathist to St. John Archbishop of Shangai and San Francisco

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Published by St. Paisius Monastery Press

We are pleased to offer this new edition of the Akathist to St. John the Wonderworker. He is a saint of our times, beloved by those around the world, who continues to work countless miracles. As His Grace Bishop James relates in his Foreword to the Akathist, the miracles and extraordinary accounts concerning St. John “assure us that we are not alone in facing the difficult challenges of earthly life. Indeed, the Lord Himself promised: Behold, I shall not leave you orphans (John 14:18). St. John fulfilled this promise, having cared for so many orphans during his lifetime; and as his constant miracles attest, he continues to care for us. Therefore, let us not allow ourselves to become spiritual orphans through worrying and being anxious: may we instead turn to him in prayer and ask for his bold intercessions before our Lord.” Full-color cover and inner pages, richly illustrated with several icons of St. John. 28 pages.

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