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Beacon of Hope: The Teaching of Father Ilarion

Beacon of Hope: The Teaching of Father Ilarion

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Author: Kopyttseva, Natalia Mikhailovna

Form: Paperback

Pages: 240

This book is the ideal companion to the previously published Champion of Good: The Life of Father Ilarion (Holy Trinity Publications, Jordanville, 2011). All who have already encountered Father Ilarion through his life will be equally engaged by his words. Those who meet him first through his preaching will want to go on to read his life. Together, they convey a potent message of the possibilities that open to the human soul that turns to God with singleness of mind and humility. The sermons are grouped by subjects. One index lists the sermons in church calendar order and the other index lists the sermons in chronological order for those who wish to see what was preached in an historical context.

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