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Hymns for the Holy Land

Hymns for the Holy Land

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Format: paperback

Pages: 90

This collection of hymns, completely in English, is designed to be used by pilgrims throughout their journey within the Holy Land. Including the Troparia and Kontakia (hymns written specifically to commemorate a Church Feast or Saint) for all sites of pilgrimage related to Christ’s life and Passion, as well as for many holy places mentioned in the Bible, monasteries, and churches. Reading the hymns in this book at the sites for which they were specifically written is truly a spiritual gift.

Arrival in the Holy Land

I. Jerusalem

1.Church of the Resurrection of Christ

2. House of the Ancestors of God Joachim and Anna

3. The Sheep's Pool, bethesda

4. The Way of the Cross

5. Convent of Holy Martyr Melania the Roman

6. The Mosque of Omar

7. Sion

II. Around Jerusalem

1. Gethsemane

2. Mount of Olives

3. Bethany

4. Valley of Jehoshaphat (Kidiron Valley)

III. Bethlehem

IV. Bet-Djala

V. Hebron

VI. Jordan

VII. Jericho

VIII. Monasteries

IX. Emmaus

X. Samaria

XI. Galilee

XII. Along the Coast of the Mediterranean Sea

XIII. Lydda

Departure from the Holy Land

General Troparia and Megalynaria for the Saints

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