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Illness and Cure of the Soul in the Orthodox Tradition

Illness and Cure of the Soul in the Orthodox Tradition

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Author: Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos
Paperback 224 pages

The book Illness and cure of the Soul records actual discussions between the author and a group of Christians examining fundamental issues of the spiritual life. The author’s responses make clear that he regards the basic prerequisites for being cured of passions as awareness of being ill and the search for healing and for someone who can help.

He writes about the three stages of the spiritual life (purification of the heart, illumination of the nous and deification), the three categories of Christians (those who have not been cured, those being cured and those who have been cured), and the two kinds of baptism (baptism in water and baptism in the Spirit).

Other subjects touched upon include the emotions, fantasy and imagination, thoughts, the difference between spiritual fathers and psychologists, Orthodox monasticism and the knowledge of God.

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