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Jesus: His Unknown Side

Jesus: His Unknown Side

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by Archim. Vassilios Bakoyiannis
Paperback: 177 pages

A commentary on the Life of Christ.

"Habit is the gravesite of admiration." Habit can transform the most unique things into common. The same is true of spiritual matters. The fact that the Son of God became man and He was crucified for our sake, is not as "moving" to us as it should be. If it were, we would glorify the incarnate Lord night and day. We need to look at Christ as if we were hearing about Him for the first time in our lives. Therefore, dear readers, let us read this book, as if we have never heard of Christ, as if He were a stranger. To feel, even in this way, a minimum of His greatness, exclaiming along with David, "Who is so great a God as our God?" (Ps. 76:14)

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