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LOS01 The Holy Twenty-Six Martyrs of Zographou

LOS01 The Holy Twenty-Six Martyrs of Zographou

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Paperback: 56 pages

Includes the Lives of:

The Holy Twenty-Six Martyrs of Zographou: In our times when truth is ignored and ecumenism is at its peak, many Orthodox Christians believe that Roman Catholicism is the same as Holy Orthodoxy. We see however, from the lives of these saints, that this is not the case. These holy Martyrs refused to convert to the faith of the Pope, and underwent martyrdom to protect the truth of the Holy Orthodox Faith. They opposed the papists without fear resisting them thus:

"...everyone that opposeth the gospel of Christ is antichrist, and it is he that now helpeth you. What communion hath light with darkness? We will never join with you! ...Which of the divinely-convened councils stateth that the Holy Spirit proceedeth from the Father and the Son? And which of them hath enacted a canon that we should offer up unleavened bread and trim our beards as ye maintain? Ye are filled with seven evil spirits (in opposition to the seven Ecumenical councils). What manner of Christ do ye preach, O opponents of the Spirit? You preach not the gospel but the teaching of antichrist!"

Saint Gerasimus of the Jordan River: A great ascetic of the fifth century, he was at one time inclined to the monophysite heresy but quickly repented. He built the great Lavra by the Jordan River, where a lion served him with great obedience.

Saint Xenia the Fool-for-Christ of Petersburg: After the sudden death of her husband, Saint Xenia took up the life of a homeless wanderer. She was a wonder-worker in her lifetime and continues to perform countless miracles to this day. She is especially invoked for help in finding employment, a dwelling place or a spouse.

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