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LOS08 Holy Virgin-Martyr Marcella of Chios

LOS08 Holy Virgin-Martyr Marcella of Chios

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Paperback: 58 pages

Includes the Lives of:

Holy Virgin-Martyr Marcella of Chios: Saint Marcella was left motherless very young. She grew up to be respectful and pious and, most of all, guarded her purity. She fled from her bestial father who wanted to live with her as his wife. She is invoked to heal diseases of the breasts.

Saint Stephen of Decani: This famous Serbian king was, because of slander, blinded by his father and miraculously healed by Saint Nicholas of Myra. He was murdered by his own son and gained the crown of martyrdom. His wonderworking relics perform many miracles; he is especially called upon to heal diseases of the eyes.

Saint David of Thessalonica lived the ascetic life in a shelter built in an almond tree. He purified himself so greatly by fasting, prayer and vigils, that he was made worthy of great gifts from God.

Child-Martyr Artemius Wonderworker of Verkola.

Saint Euphrosyne of Suzdal: A Russian princess who preferred the monastic life rather than the glory and riches of the royal court.

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