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LOS09 Saint Niphon, Bishop of Constantiana

LOS09 Saint Niphon, Bishop of Constantiana

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Paperback: 56 pages

Includes the Lives of:

Saint Niphon, Bishop of Constantiana: In his youth, this Saint fell away from the Church and led a sinful life. Due to the harsh words of his Christian friend, he turned to a God-fearing life. Through his difficult struggles and sincere repentance he was forgiven by God, and was able to attain holiness.

Holy Martyrs Cyricus & Julitta: Saint Julitta was a pious Christian mother. She and her three-year-old son fearlessly confessed Christ to the governor. They are especially prayed to for help against one of the most serious passions - laziness.

Saint Febronia-Evfrosinia of Murom was a pious peasant who became a princess. She and her husband occupied themselves with works of piety and charity. They are venerated as patrons of newly-weds.

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