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LOS14 Saint Olga, Great Princess of Russia

LOS14 Saint Olga, Great Princess of Russia

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Paperback: 56 pages

Includes the Lives of:

Saint Olga, Great Princess of Russia: Saint Olga is called "Equal to the Apostles" by the Holy Church because she brought Orthodoxy to Russia after her own conversion and baptism in Constantinople. She is the grandmother of the great Prince Vladimir.

Saint Ephraim the Syrian: Having led a rather wild life in his youth, he suddenly changed and began to lead a godly life. He is especially known as the apostle of repentance and helps the faithful gain compunction.

Holy Martyrs Florus & Laurus were brothers in the flesh, and stonemasons by trade. They are the patron saints of stonemasons.

Saint Tychon the Wonderworker: the holy bishop of Cyprus.

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