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LOS15 Holy Martyr Longinus the Centurion

LOS15 Holy Martyr Longinus the Centurion

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Paperback: 68 pages

Includes the Lives of:

Holy Martyr Longinus the Centurion: Saint Longinus is the soldier mentioned in the Gospel who stood at the foot of the Cross during the suffering of our Saviour, and exclaimed "Truly, this was the Son of God" (Matt. 27:54). Church Tradition adds that Longinus was the soldier who thrust his spear into the side of the Lord. His life is a prime example of the depths of God's mercy; that even he who pierced His divine side was able, through repentance, to gain forgiveness and to be saved.

Saint John of Colonia was a holy bishop who hid as a monk to gain humility. He was guided by Saint Sabbas of Jerusalem.

Saint Sophia the Righteous was a holy mother of six children.

Holy Fool for Christ Prokopy of Ustiug: the former Roman Catholic who became a Saint through foolishness.

Holy Father Patapios of Loutrakion was a great ascetic who cured cancer and other sicknesses. His incorrupt relics are found in a monastery in Loutrakion, Greece.

Virgin Martyr Cecilia: Even though she was forced to marry, she preserved her virginity by threatening her pagan husband of punishment by the hand of an Angel.

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